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ZIRA & FET Tuzla, Collaboration Protocol

ZIRA, a product-oriented IT company, and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Tuzla have signed a cooperation protocol - the agreement that includes mutual advisory and research activities, and the promotion of open innovation models. The round table discussion on "Product IT companies and the application of open innovation models” held after the signing of the protocol, featured insightful contributions from experts in academia and industry.

Partnership with Fondacija tuzlanske zajednice

ZIRA has partnered up with the Fondacija tuzlanske zajednice to support social initiatives and drive positive changes in the Tuzla Canton. As part of this collaboration, ZIRA will donate funds for social projects that will be implemented through the "Volim svoj grad" fund managed by Fondacija tuzlanske zajednice.

ZIRA Hiking Tour on Treskavica

The ZIRA Hiking Team set out on the 1st winter hike this weekend to a true gem 💎 of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Treskavica mountain. 👏🏻 Our hiking weekend, starting from the village of Turovo, the team made their way to Dom Runolist 05 where they took a break and split up. Some decided to stay & explored the nearby pass, while other daredevils continued on to the Veliko Jezero (1550m) 😊.

We did it guys! 👏🏻

Today we wrapped up the final tally of donations fund for the victims of Turkey 🇹🇷 and Syria 🇸🇾 organized by the fantastic folks at and as promised 👉🏻 ZIRA doubled up the total amount collected! We're happy and grateful that our colleagues from Turkey and their families are safe and sound, but also truly moved and deeply grateful for the selfless contributions made by our ZIRA people from BiH, Croatia, Netherlands.

ZIRA Team @ Kamerni Teatar

Whenever it's too cold outside 🥶 for any activities, our ZIRA team is happy to opt for other, slightly warmer & more pleasant alternatives such as going to the cinema 📽 or the theater. 

So yesterday, on the coldest Monday this year, we headed to the Kamerni Teatar to witness the play "Pozorište za početnike" & it would for sure be an understatement to say that it was great.😉

ZIRA at Filantropski Forum

Philanthropic activity is an important segment of ZIRA's culture incorporated into the company's mission from day one, thus it is no coincidence that we are recognized by Filantropski forum BiH as one of the leaders of strategic philanthropy in BiH. Knowledge economy and investing in the future of the community are very important to us.

Leader Roots Program

Hosting 50 young leaders in 1 place for 1 reason - the 7th AmCham BiH Masterclass Leader Roots program. We started off with the „International Bussiness Ecosystem“ presentation led by our CPO Lejla Pljevljak-Rašidagić where she shared experiences and revealed some of ZIRA’s recipes for our greatest achievement - placing our software products on the world market. 

ZIRA is Coming to Tuzla

We got some great news - ZIRA is coming to the of Tuzla - at Solni Trg. We always give our 100% to provide the best working conditions for our people. And if by any chance you wondered why, it’s because our mission is to be a place where young talents will prove to themselves that nothing is impossible.

Building a Future Together

One of ZIRA's priories is to create a positive impact on the society, to generate the change that leads to a better future, and to perpetually evolve, creating better education opportunities. On our journey towards a more empathetic future of stronger partnerships with the community, we are eagerly looking forward to all the new feats that will create meaningful changes.

ZIRA Houses of Products

In addition to our team expanding at lightning speed - therefore the need for more space, we also believe that a creative and stimulating environment is key - to successful product creation. That’s why expanding and redesigning ZIRA’s office space ended up at the very top of our 2023 To-Do list.

Fund ZIJAH RAŠIDAGIĆ scholarship results

We proudly announce the results of ZIRA’s Zijah Rašidagić Fond Scholarship Program. In line with the vision and values of the ZIRA founder, Zijah Rašidagić, we recognize that good education and training of young people is of the utmost value for their future. Educated young people have an opportunity with their knowledge and personal commitment to contribute to society as a whole while also, at the same time, ensuring a prosperous future for themselves.

Ocean Lava Montenegro races

Working in ZIRA means being able to live your passions while excelling at work.

What is Your passion? In ZIRA we believe balance is essential, and we aim to create a positive culture through a good work-life balance. This means being happy at your job, completing challenging tasks, being productive, and growing in your career while having time for one’s hobbies and passions.


Mentorship is an important part of our company culture, especially during the onboarding phase. Mentoring requires a lot of effort and preparation. It takes time, patience, and commitment. But so does growing in a future career. The purpose of mentoring is to tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of senior or high-performing employees and transfer these skills to newer or less experienced employees in order to advance their careers.

Business gaming league

Connect Arena is the first and only regional gaming competition dedicated exclusively to employees.

They believe that satisfied employees are the key to the success of any company, and they present a new concept of team building through gaming competitions. Over the past few months, we participated in the second season of the Business Gaming League, where we competed in 4 different games.

ZIRA Gym Benefit

Incorporating office sporting event or sports team into the workplace is an excellent way to break up the monotony of the 9-to-5 workday grind and help employees who may not have time to exercise outside the work. 

At ZIRA we recognize the importance of a healthy work-life balance and have made sports an essential part of our office program. Sports offer a blend of values that reflect on our day-to-day life, providing a platform to practice discipline and maintain strong bonding with colleagues.

The Association of Business Service Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Association of Business Service Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ABSL) is a leading organization that represents the business services sector, bringing together  high-profile companies that operate  in areas such as  Shared Services Center (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), Research and Development (R&D).

At ZIRA we are committed to our mission of securing the highest value of our employees, and creating opportunities for their continuous growth.

Leader Roots program

We are excited  for the beginning of the Leader Roots Program and the opportunity to share our expertise. The program organizers will focus on the professional development of young people employed in AmCham BiH member companies, with the aim of helping them develop and acqure leadership skills.

We strongly believe that this program will provide participants with valuable knowledge and experience that will help them realize their full potential.

Implemented SAFe®(SPC) Certificate

ZIRA professionals became SAFe Certified! Kudos people! 

Why is this achievement important to us? The marketplace demands that we have agile skilled professionals who can help Agile teams and programs, establish a DevOps culture, and give solutions. At ZIRA, we are committed to delivering agile products with a customer-centric mindset and design thinking approach, and this certification helps us to further elevate our value in this regard.

FITCC22 Mostar

As a golden sponsor and friend, we had the opportunity to participate in FITCC22 in Mostar again this year. Through our panel discussions and Q&A sessions, we answered the most common questions and brought students closer to ZIRA’s culture and work environment.

This year, we were also jury members in the Game Development category.

Elektrotehnička srednja škola Bihać

Yesterday we hosted high school students from Electrical engineering highschool Bihać.We enjoyed spending some quality time with them, giving them a touch of our culture, work experiences, and opportunities.

We also gave them a sneak peek of the real #ITworld because #WeMakeITwork.

ZIRA Employee education

At ZIRA we believe in importance of providing our employee's workforce with opportunities to learn and grow, which is why we prioritize employee education. By offering access to learning initiatives that help our people develop their skills, increase knowledge, and advance their careers, we are able to promote personal growth and support greater organizational goals.

Our educational benefits cover both short and long and term learning opportunities, such as certification or degree programs.

We Are Developers

We Are Developers is the community dedicated to helping developers take their careers to the next level. With two missions – one for the world, and one for developers, they provide opportunities that enable the growth and aim to become the leading developer community -  a community for developers, by developers.

Recently our team had an opportunity to attend the first WeAreDevelopers Conference in Berlin and connect with  an outstanding community of developers who are passionate about learning and finding new opportunities.

Vučko Trail

We just wrapper up another unforgettable weekend in Bjelašnica! The latest edition of Vučko Trail was an incredible success, and we owe it all to thel hardworking organizers dedicated volunteers, and our amazing  ZIRA cheerleading team who kept the energy up at the refreshment station at Bijele Vode!

We are so proud of all the ZIRA Team members who took part in this challenging run and achieved amazing results this year. But don’t  let your muscles soften just yet - the running season is only just beginning!


ZIRA Day is our traditional yearly gathering and anniversary celebration where we come together to celebrate our achievements and set future milestones. It’s a perfect opportunity to review our progress so far and strengthen the team cohesion and spirit. We were thrilled to see all our people together after a long time.

Keep up the good work ZIRA People!

ISO 27001 Bureau Veritas

By integrating the management of quality and information security, we can demonstrate the quality and security of our processes, and achieve a significant competitive advantage through improved company performance, reduced risk, improved customer satisfaction, as well as enhanced reputation and marketability.

TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2022

Wow! The biggest DTW ever took a place from 20-22 September with over 3,000 individuals gathering in Copenhagen for the first in-person conference in over three years. ZIRA was a proud exhibitor of TM DTW 2022 event in Copenhagen! 

Bravo ZIRA Running Team

Yesterday we closed the running season with the AUDI B2B RUN. B2B Run is a welcoming and fun corporate activity that allows colleagues to build team spirit and fitness. This annual corporate event is suited to experienced athletes, amateur runners, and beginners alike, making running a truly collective activity. Large corporations and companies of every size in between have found that taking part in a run creates lasting team bonds.

ZIRA Hiking Tour Bjelašnica

Oh, what a beautiful day - perfect for an autumn hike in the beautiful Bjelašnica mountains. We went to fill our "engines" for the upcoming winter period starting our hike from Umoljani, passing through Gradina, and reaching  Obalj (1890m). From the top, we could see the roofs of Lukomir, located above the deep canyon of the Rakitnica river. Known as "the last true Bosnian village", Lukomir feels  like traveling back in time.

Due to its traditional architecture, rich history, and extended continuous population, Lukomir has been declared one of Europe's most long-term inhabited villages.